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Magyar  Angol USA Német Olasz Orosz 
        Utolsó frissítés: 2011.09.18. 10:32

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  Dalmatians Sleeping
Média megjelenéseink 2008:
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Dalmata kölykök
Dalmatians Puppy
dalmatinski štene
chiot dalmatien
chiot dalmatien

Welcome to Dalmatian kennel website!


Kennel exhibits excellent results in male Dalmatian - Pickwick - and a beautiful mother törzskönyves - LOUISA- quality Dalmatian dog pups born in 2010 is expected in early May




The Dalmatian puppies birth and development of on-line live webcams observed in high-quality videos via the Internet.

In 2008, cameras were fed into the TOP 10 one camera, and the Hungarian media also appeared several times.


If you do not want to miss the birth of Dalmatian dogs, and would like to be notified of interesting events (feeding, opening no grains etc) that they see it live via the webkameránkon, be a  member of the community and follow:





Dalmatian dog kennel in Hungary, Pécs 2010 European Capital of Culture while natural environment Hosszúhetény small villages located nearby. - Map - By car from abroad, from dogs to farmers on site if required booking.


The Dalmatian puppies for European countries and the overseas delivery of the plane, under a separate agreement and pay a professional company!


Dalmatian puppies, one of the most far- Snow White , who was in 2008, OHIO U.S. the State of travelingby plane attunk (one change) to its master.

Look at Snow White and the development of travel pictures: pictures SnowWhite   



 Snow White Dalmatan Hungary to USA OHIO


Dalmatian puppies born in 2010 is expected in early May!

The Dalmatian puppy dogs, however, is already booked or reserved!

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